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Beginning Woodturning

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Over the past year or so, I’ve started to develop an interest in woodworking (because finding time for my existing hobbies hasn’t been hard enough). It started while doing some home renovation work and picking up a few new tools: router, table saw, etc.

Then, as Jen got into spinning, I started to want to make round things, so I started looking for a lathe. Eventually I managed to find a small one on sale for a decent price and started turning. When Christmas was approaching, I decided that I’d like to try turning pens, so I ordered a starter kit for myself. With that in hand, and a few YouTube videos, I was all set. I really enjoy the process; it’s nice to make something usable and good-looking in a single session.

Here are a few of my recent creations:

Bocote Bolt-Action Pen. Made for a gift. I swapped the included clip for the sight one, which I think is a little more understated. #woodturning #penturning

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Pau Amarello and Purpleheart Slimline. I made the center band too long, but it's not a bad first attempt at using multiple woods. #woodturning #penturning

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Purpleheart Gentry Twist. I heated the wood with a butane torch before sanding to deepen the colour. #woodturning #penturning

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