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Becoming a Tea Drinker

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I recently started drinking tea. Well, that’s not entirely true—I recently started drinking tisane (herbal tea), specifically peppermint tea.

I started drinking peppermint because it’s supposed to have some medicinal properties, particularly in relieving IBS symptoms. At first I treated it as a potential treatment; I didn’t enjoy drinking it, but it wasn’t horrible. But over the past several weeks, the taste has really grown on me, and I now look forward to sitting down with my cuppa. I’m actually enjoying it enough that I’ve started stashing a couple of tea bags in my coat or bag, so that I can have a cup when I’m not home.

I’m not completely sold on whether it’s actually having any effect or not, but it is replacing a lot of the less healthy drinks in my diet, which is not a bad thing. I’m also finding it to a good thing socially. I was never a coffee or tea drinker, as I gave up caffeine so long ago that I never started drinking either. This was always a little awkward, because so many people meet for coffee, at coffee shops, etc. just sitting there, not drinking anything was always a little odd. So, overall, I believe starting to drink tea has provided small improvements to my life, both health-wise and socially.